About Vela Boatworks

Our Mission

Vela Boatworks strives to provide the best experience for our customers. Your time on the water is special. We feel you shouldn’t sacrifice while experiencing those special moments.

We respect the boat building world and within our team, we have many years of traditional boat-building experience. There have been many improvements in the boat building process over the past years and we are excited to help usher in even more advancements in an effort to solve some of the problems that the traditional boatbuilding process creates.

The manufacturing processes currently used to make boats are far better than they were many years ago. We plan to improve them even more by investing in and developing a 3D printing process that uses less harmful materials to create the boats and allows builders much less exposure to harmful dust and fumes.

Vela Boat Building 3D Printing Arm For Catamaran Construction

Our Goal

We know those are really big goals and we also know that all of the technology needed to get us there might not exist yet, however, we plan to take any and all steps we can to propel us towards this goal. We feel it is our duty at Vela to leave the lives of our builders, our customers, our community, and the Sea that we all love, better than we found it.

Rugged By Design

Vela boats are strong, stable and built for the sea. The over-engineered structure of the boat gives you peace of mind. She’ll handle rough seas, take a beating, and get you home safely.

All of our components and accessories are also built for the toughest of elements. We want your boat to retain its quality and reliability for years to come.

Discover Vela 368

  • Vela 368 Catamaran Sunset Returning From Fishing
  • The Vela 368 Catamaran Solar T-Top
  • Vela 368 Catamaran Performance Fishing Boat In Jacksonville Port
  • Premium Teak Adjustable Captains Chairs In The Vela 368 Catamaran
  • Fully Integrated Touch Screen Controls Make The Vela 368 Easy and Intuitive
  • Keep Your Drinks Cool With Built In Coolers On The Vela 368 Catamaran

Beautiful Simplicity

The clean layout, dash, and components are intuitive, easy to use, and make a day on the water a breeze. The simple cockpit layout allows you to fight a fish without obstacles in your way. It also allows passengers to feel comfortable onboard.

Ordering your boat will be simple as well too. By only allowing the most premium options, there’s no frustration or confusion about which options you should have. You’ll always have the best package possible.

Discover Vela 368