The Vela 368 Catamaran brings the best of both worlds. With the incredibly smooth ride that only a cat hull can provide, the 368 is as comfortable 100 miles offshore as it is anchored at the local sandbar.

Overhead view of the Vela 368 Catamaran Sport Fishing Boat



Perfect Size

Big enough to dominate offshore conditions while small enough to slip into those inshore party spots.



Room For Activities

Whether it’s fighting trophy fish or sliding past your friend to grab another beer, a wide beam provides ample deck space.



Range To Explore

Cover serious distance in between refills. Spend less time at the pump and more time finding those secret spots.

Max Power


Speed Is Safety

The quicker you can get out of bad weather, the better. Get to your destination faster so you can enjoy it longer.



Surprisingly Skinny

Our catamarans design displaces water over a larger surface area providing a very shallow draft for the boats size.



Light Yet Strong

Less weight equals more efficiency, speed, and range. Not to mention it's easier to tow for adventures.

Master Of All Trades

One part performance fishing boat, one part luxury cruiser

With comfortable bench seating in the bow, and transom fold-down cushioned seating in the stern, the Vela 368 is perfect for a full day of deep-sea fishing or a comfortable day at the sandbar.

Mission Control

Fully Integrated Touchscreen Controls

The clean layout, dash, and components are intuitive, easy to use, and make a day on the water a breeze. Complicated start-up/shut down procedures are a thing of the past. The simple cockpit layout allows you to fight a fish without obstacles in your way.

The Game Changer

Traditional craftsmanship combined with state of the art technology

The Vela 368 Catamaran is crafted with passion and built to last by our team of expert boat builders. We have gone over every inch of our boat to provide the most intuitive layout possible. Everything you need is right where you expect it to be. Once you experience the how dry and smooth the ride is you will never want to go back to a traditional hull design again.

Creature Comforts

While offshore at the fishing grounds, you’ll love how convenient the layout is while putting in a long day at the office. From the height of the gunnels, to easily accessible latches and compartments.

Vela 368 Fishing Catamaran RGB LED Lighting Drone Aerial Shot

LED Lighting

Premium LED light throughout the boat. Change the feel of your boat by rotating through multiple color options and ambient lighting.

Solar T-Top

Integrated solar panels on the T-Top. This will help keep your batteries charged and reduce the load while using the onboard accessories.

Premium Audio

All of our boats are outfitted with the best audio package available. We believe you shouldn’t have to opt-in for the packages, they should be standard.

Wireless Charging

Premium LED light throughout the boat. Change the feel of your boat by rotating through multiple color options and ambient lighting.

Touchscreen Controls

Take control of all aspects of your vessel with dual touchscreen displays that are fully integrated with all of the Vela 368's systems.

Cool Pool

The coffin box doubles as an onboard Cool Pool. Within minutes, water can be pumped in to allow your guests to cool off on those windless summer days.

368 Catamaran Walkthrough

Ready To Get Your 368 On The Water?

Vela Boatworks strives to provide the best experience for our customers. Your time on the water is special to you and we feel you shouldn’t sacrifice while experiencing those special moments. We’ve thought about every inch of our boat. Making sure everything is positioned perfectly, for both ease of use and aesthetics.